Kenyan Warriors (2009) John Faulkner


John Faulkner is a photographer and educator who has dedicated over thirty years of his career to teaching. He has instructed students at Philips Academy Andover in Massachusetts, Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, and the Ensworth School in Nashville, Tennessee. A renaissance man and master craftsman, John's accomplishments include leading groups of students in service projects and outward bound adventures on the Navajo Reservation; piloting the first documented flight around the perimeter of the United States in his homebuilt aircraft; and installing the first solar power system in a remote village of Kenya. He is currently the Town Planner of Wilson, Arkansas. Read more.

Current Projects

Winter/Spring 2014 Working with the state of Arkansas to design a new Hampson Museum for Native American pottery.

Winter/Spring 2014 Establishing the Delta School, a new private day school in Mississippi County, Arkansas.

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